Winner of a One Club Young Ones Merit Award.
We needed more people to listen to Spotify while driving, so we set out to own the one thing everybody does in the car — sing.  We created the first singing show that is performed, recorded, and viewed entirely over a social platform. We called it Traffic Jams. Users upload videos of themselves singing in the car with Spotify for a chance to win cash and a record deal. Instead of an ad, we made a show that could run for seasons. Now, when people think about singing to music in the car. They think, Spotify.

Case Video
Out Of Home
To advertise the show we created out of home billboards that doubled as distance indicators. The billboard told viewers that they were a certain song length away from their destination.
Tunnel Takeover and Musical Speed Strips
We took over a tunnel where we lay down special speed strips that created a tune. When driven over, the spacing between the bumps vibrated the car, producing varying pitches and sounds. These musical strips have been used in Beijing to slow down drivers. We used them to play one of the top 5 most recognizable songs on the planet: Bohemian Rhapsody.
Signs with lyrics were placed throughout the tunnel to encourage drivers to sing along. When the driver exited the tunnel they saw a billboard telling them how far they are from downtown with a CTA to watch the new show on TikTok.
Brand ambassadors were on site with the car to motivate individuals to tune in and participate in Traffic Jams.
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